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Newcastle SEO Agency

Zac Dillon is a leading SEO Expert (search engine optimisation) company.

If you want to find ways to generate more traffic for your business, you should engage the agency services.

How to rank high in Google.

Basically, there are three reasons to rank highly in google.

  1. More Traffic. Traffic are visitors. And over 50% of all Google searchers come from the number 1 ranking. So if you don’t have that position, you are loosing a lot of business to your competitors.
  2. Authority and Positioning. Customers and other business trust the search results more than anything. If Google gives you the best ranking, then others naturally think you are the most successful  and reputable company in that category.Ask yourself, what would that be worth to your business?
  3. Free traffic. While everyone else is paying month after month, you get free traffic, usually forever.
    It’s the ultimate business asset.

So how do you get better local search engine optimisation?

local google search

Well there are TWO big steps.

Firstly, you have to become trusted in Google’s eyes.

Google trusts two things.

  1. Traffic. If you are getting traffic, and visitors, you must be a popular company right. Google can measure that.
  2. Social Media. Google can see if you are engaging on social media as well. Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeInstagram  Activity on these web 2.0 properties  show Google that you are a real and popular business.
  3. Links. If you are an authority in your area, you will have other websites linking to you. Make sense? Well that is all SEO is. Showing Google that you are an authority in your category.

Here’s what we do for your company:

SEO Technical Audit

First up we check the integrity of your website. How are the pages interlinked. Are webmaster tools, tags and tracking all set up correctly. Is the site mobile ready and responsive. How fast does the page load in desktop and mobile. Does the navigation work and does it follow a logical progression from information to conversion funnel. All this needs to work before moving on.

On-page SEO Factors

Now we need to check tags, content, keywords.

Content Optimization

In the”eyes” of search engines, content is the single most important ranking factors for a website. Looking at relevance to search, does the content on the website create value for a user. It’s all about good user experience and relevancy.

Backlink Evaluation

While page content is important for relevancy, it’s only part of the equation. The other part is Authority. This is where backlinks from other websites fit in.

Number of links is important, however where those links originated is key. In recent years, Google has been adjusting it’s algorithms to assess the value and quality of backlinks. Directories, article sites, comments in blogs with anchor text, have all been dealt harsh penalties due to the lack of their linking strategy creating any real value.


So how do you do all this?

You can either do it yourself, or hire an SEO expert agency to do it for you.

And SEO company will do a better job, especially in the initial set up, then they can show you how to keep the building going for only minimal extra effort.

In the end an SEO agency will provide a better ROI on your organic search campaign.

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